Caldo de gallina – Special only Sunday

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Experience the heartwarming flavors of our Caldo de Gallina, a delicious Peruvian chicken soup. A comforting dish that will nourish and satisfy your cravings.

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Savor the comforting flavors of our Caldo de Gallina, a traditional Peruvian chicken soup that warms both the body and the soul. Made with tender chicken, potatoes, vegetables, and a delicate blend of spices, this hearty dish is a true taste of home. Made with tender free-range hens, not frozen chicken, this traditional soup captures the essence of homemade comfort. Slowly simmered with aromatic spices, fresh vegetables, and herbs, each bowl is a hearty and nourishing delight. To add to the experience, it is served with two perfectly boiled eggs, adding richness and flavor. Savor the soul-warming goodness of our Caldo de Gallina, a true taste of Peru.